Rooster Teeth Rolls out Mobile Apps with Beachfront

We are very excited to announce the release of the Rooster Teeth app, powered by BeachfrontBuilder and available on iOS and Google Play. To the delight of its community, Rooster Teeth fans can enjoy Achievement Hunter, Let’s Play, The Know, and Slow Mo Guys all in one place. The app, created with Beachfront Media’s App Builder, will also be available on several set-top boxes such as Roku, and even on smart TV’s like Google, LG, and Samsung Televisions.


Rooster Teeth produces the longest running video series on the Internet. Founded 12 years ago by Burnie Burns who figured out how to make popular online videos before YouTube even existed, his company now produces 51 different video series with billions of views. Rooster Teeth’s YouTube channel currently has 7,929,197 subscribers and more than three billion views – and that number grows daily.


Rooster Teeth achieved fame by voicing over gameplay videos of Halo, leading to the creation of Red vs. Blue in 2003 and now in its twelfth season, is still going strong. Now they produce live action shorts, comedy gameplay videos and even full length productions.


Beachfront Builder makes it possible for content creators to build video community apps for mobile and Connected TV devices, giving fans access to video content and social feeds from services such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr – in one place. Expanding into apps makes it possible for publishers to introduce ecommerce options and diversify revenue opportunities through Beachfront’s Programmatic Video Ad Platform,