Beachfront Hires Former Fullscreen Exec Jeff Chi

Beachfront Media is looking to deepen ties with advertisers and ad agencies, and recently hired former Fullscreen exec Jeff Chi to lead that effort.


As Beachfront’s first VP of Ad Sales and Monetization, Chi is charged with establishing direct relationships between ad agencies and Beachfront’s network of publishers. These include mobile apps, websites and influencers such as YouTube stars and other creators.


Beachfront Media is a leading video technology company enabling distribution, measurement, and monetization across all screens – mobile, tablet, desktop and connected TV. With over 5 billion video views a year, Beachfront offers solutions that address the full spectrum of content, publishing and advertising needs with a consistent and integrated approach across multiple devices. Our products include Beachfront Reach, a video syndication platform, Beachfront Builder, a video app platform, and, our video monetization engine.


Chi’s arrival marks an expansion of that effort by selling premium ad inventory to ad agencies and advertisers directly. He plans to do so by offering first-party data, advanced geo-fencing capabilities, and social media targeting. The intent is to offer ad agencies and advertisers to better target Beachfront content and audience. Chi’s background heading up ad sales for such companies as UberMedia and Media Mayhem seems a perfect fit for that role.


One of the ways Chi hopes to attract Fortune 500 advertisers is by creating what he calls a “mobile MPN” (mobile multi platform network) out of the company’s Beachfront Builder mobile application platform. Beachfront Builder has over 100 official influencer apps live already, such as those by Olga Kay, Rooster Teeth, and Epic Rap Battles.


“There’s a massive opportunity for the traditional MPNs, creators and influencers looking for additional reach off of YouTube,” Chi says. “I’m looking forward to not not only offering them a turnkey platform to help them achieve that goal, but also create more opportunities for ad agencies and advertisers to reach an influencer’s mobile audience directly in a controlled and premium ad environment.”