Beachfront Media Introduces New Video Syndication Platform: Beachfront Reach

Today at DEMO Traction, Beachfront Media introduces a syndication and monetization platform for video called Beachfront Reach.


There is a mobile video revolution going on now – everything from live streaming video to multi-platform experiences. Two years ago, Beachfront Media decided to focus its development efforts on being the leader in mobile video. Ever since then, Beachfront has been in lockstep with this revolution going from just 100 million mobile video requests per month to over 15 billion mobile video requests per month, within the last 18 months.  


Beachfront Media is leading technology innovations in the mobile video revolution once again with its latest technology: Beachfront Reach, a next generation syndication and monetization platform for mobile video.


Here’s a little background on Beachfront Reach.




Beachfront Reach is a turnkey video syndication solution that benefits both content providers and publishers.


– Content Providers can distribute their video content to multiple publishers across Beachfront’s video app network to gain new viewers and create new ad inventory.


– Publishers gain access to quality video inventory complimentary to their existing content to increase engagement by encouraging visitors to stay longer, leave less, and look more.


– Both share in the new ad revenue created.




Larger media companies are chronically oversold on the web properties they control and the demand to advertise on their sites is far greater than the supply.


Reach creates new ad inventory for media companies by allowing these content providers to syndicate their videos across multiple publishers with an existing audience and built-in revenue model.




Beachfront pairs content created by media company partners with the publishers in our network. Its network consists of video culled from 1,000 websites and apps, generating 300,000 individual videos under license and another 1,000 added a week, with 15 million unique viewers across the platform, generating over 500 million streams a month.

Reach then generates revenue for each view of this content through a revenue share of the ads placed against it. Content providers and publishers each take a cut of the advertising, which Beachfront tracks, collects, and shares with all parties automatically. No extra effort needed.