Beachfront Media Hires Justin Fadgen to Lead Beachfront Reach, Products

In related news today, Beachfront Media is excited to share its stack of video distribution, syndication and monetization products are the underlying technology for Tribune Content Agency’s new TVA Video Network. You can learn more here: Tribune Content Agency Introduces Data-Driven Video Network.


The ad tech industry is full of companies offering aggregation services to publishers in need of video content. But that’s a low margin, commoditized business dependent on aggressive revenue share terms and fluctuating CPMs to survive.


This is why Beachfront Media is positioning itself as more than just a source of content, but as a technology platform with multiple products to serve media companies, publishers, and advertisers.


The company recently brought on veteran video executive Justin Fadgen as VP of Business Development. In this role, Fadgen is charged with expanding Beachfront’s content inventory by emphasizing the usefulness of the Beachfront Reach syndication platform and ad mediation platform.


“Being a product company, we can provide real value to advertisers, publishers, and media companies,” he explained. “There’s an opportunity through technology to put our partners in a position to maximize what they get out of this business.”


For instance, the new Reach initiative allows media companies to not only distribute their content to a wider footprint of publishers and apps, but also acts as a white-label solution to manage their own syndication networks within an existing affiliate program. meanwhile allows publishers to not only access a network of video content, but manage the advertising activity to support it on the back end.


“You can have a bevy of distribution deals, but with no insight into how they are performing based on traffic quality or ad viewability you’re limited in your effectiveness,” said Fadgen. “Beachfront’s products allow you to know what’s going on and employ controls, giving you the tools to identify underperformers and target better outlets to get more yield out of your relationships.”


Fadgen has a long history in the online video space. He joins Beachfront most recently from Rhythm NewMedia, where he was VP of business development. He previously spent six years at GrabMedia as VP of publisher services, and prior to that put in four years in different roles at AOL.