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Premium Video Ad Opportunities

Beachfront Media has been providing clients with premium video advertising since 2007 using it’s proprietary video technology and ad products. With 200+ billion video ad opportunities worldwide across over 1 billion devices, we rank top 40 in comScore for video entities. Beachfront Media utilizes first-party data to engage intended audiences using advanced, precise, geo-fencing and social data targeting technologies.

Ad Products

Our programmatic audience extension, which utilizes our owned and operated open market exchange. We utilize our premium first party data for geo-fencing and social data targeting with an extensive programmatic reach from our preferred publishing networks that can be accessed using’s platform.

A customizable mobile app platform that allows content creators, YouTube Influencers, and video brands to extend their audience reach to their “official” video app. Apps are owned, operated, and powered by Beachfront Media and available for fans on mobile and connected TV devices; The perfect destination for advertisers looking to target the millennial demographic.

A proprietary content syndication platform that allows publishers to access our premium licensed video content catalogue consisting of: Time Magazine, People Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Reuters, and more. Content is delivered through our video player, and platform, and is viewed on our direct publisher partner’s sites and apps.

Precise Targeting Capabilities

Beachfront Media leads the industry with First-Party Geo-Fencing targeting capabilities using Lat/Long geo-footprinting. With accuracy within 3 feet, Beachfront Media can target audiences based on their physical habits and whereabouts. Advertisers can also take advantage of this technology to place ads in front of individuals spotted in competitor’s physical stores.

Social data targeting is very effective for interest and lifestyle targeting. We apply Twitter Follower targeting to reach certain interest and lifestyle groups. We can target people following certain brands, celebrities, bands, TV shows, and more on Twitter to reach your intended audience. This can also be great for competitor conquesting by putting ads in front of those following competitor brands on Twitter.

Video content targeting is an effective way for advertisers to target ads by viewer interest. We have the ability to allow advertisers to target based on the lifestyle/interest vertical of the video content the viewer has opted to watch.

Ad Gallery

Video Pre-Roll

:15 or :30 can be skip-able or non-skip-able

Video Interstitial

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Video Seeding

User-Initiated Long-form or short-form views

Brand Safety

  • 100% Brand Safe
  • Transparent Site/App List
  • Controlled Exclusive Inventory
  • 100% vetted, pre-approved, brand safe publishers
  • Exclusive SDK In-App Video Pre-Rolls
  • Exclusive Syndicated User-Initiated Pre-Rolls
  • TAG Certified Against Fraud

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