Our Technology

Leading Video Advertising Platform

With our video ad technology, you can serve video ads instantly across all major platforms. Such as iOS and Android platforms.

The Mobile-First Approach

While other companies try to tack on a mobile solution in their linear systems—we’ve architected our system to be built from the ground-up with a mobile-first approach.

This means that mobile users not only get a better user-experience but it also helps to make sure their engagement with your product is uninterrupted.

A non-intrusive, easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain system to help you increase your revenue.

Produce Incredible Apps for Any Platform

We’ve made it easy to create and monetize content

No longer do you need to spend $1,000’s to have a sub-par and nonprofitable app developed for your content.

Builder’s technology allows seamless integration with Youtube channels and allows our publishing partners ways to maximize audience and revenue growth. You simply need to open your browser, use our Builder interface and watch as the curtain unveils your money-making machine app.